Saturday, June 21, 2008

Counting Down the Days

I've avoided looking at the calendar up until today. I knew that when I started to count down the days everything else would go out the window. After spending a few hours mindlessly scouring the internet for information on Argentina I pulled out the calendar and counted, one by one, the days before I leave: 39.

Meanwhile my type A personality has kicked in full force. I have begun work constructing a detailed packing list. I've created at lengthy to-do list with items such as "Cancel Cell-Phone Plan", "Write Letter of Resignation", "Get Ambien Prescription".

I can remember when I was little, waiting for a big trip to come. I couldn't possibly imagine how I would wait out a whole two weeks. I remember when I was in second grade and my dad had already moved out to Oregon while we waited behind in Virginia to sell the house. I so vividly remember the night before my mom, brother, and I left to visit him during Spring Break. I was up all night. This pre-departure anxiousness has wained over the years, but not to what one would expect from an 18 year old. How do I keep my mind off of counting down the days? I distract myself. And when all else fails, and I'm laying in bed late at night, I imagine myself saying goodbye to my friends, to my family and getting on that plane.