Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Day of Class

I went to my first class today, "Spanish Grammar/Gramatica Española." Being the language dork that I am I absolutely loved it. We talked about verbs today, mainly the indicative tense. When the teacher introduced me to the class the guy next to me started talking to me in English about how he lived in New Jersey for 20 years and became a U.S. Citizen. He came back to Argentina 3 years ago. He considers himself lucky, his friends that live in the U.S. are really struggling with the recession. I thought it was interesting that he said that all he ever did in the U.S. was "work, work, work." That really says something about the difference between Argentina and the U.S. Although Argentines aren't as materially wealthy as Americans, they sure enjoy life a lot more. I should mention that we are on a 3 day holiday in commemoration of the ex-president that just died.

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